Honda HR-V 2024: PREISE, technische Daten, Verbrauch und Fotos

Honda’s smallest crossover SUV, the HR-V gets high marks for the interior flexibility, ride quality and efficiency. Among other offerings including the Chevy Trax, Mazda CX-3 and Jeep Renegade, the HR-V is imposed as one of the best picks in the class. Still, buyers should have some flaws in mind when deciding on what subcompact crossover to buy. The base HR-V skips some important features like some active safety systems and its unpowered engine delivers slow acceleration.

Honda HR-V 2024: PREISE, technische Daten, Verbrauch und Fotos
Honda HR-V – Bild: Offenlegung / Honda

Honda HR-V 2024

The HR-V debuted for the 2016 model year and hasn’t changed much since. Honda refreshed the styling of the model and added two new trim options for the 2019 model year including also updated touchscreen features. The version is unchanged but gets an increased price across the range. The Honda HR-V 2024 should also come mostly unchanged except there should be more standard features and more accessible active safety equipment. Unfortunately, there are no signs that a new, more powerful engine or hybrid version will appear for the next model year.

Honda HR-V 2024: PREISE, technische Daten, Verbrauch und Fotos
Bild: Offenlegung / Honda

Honda HR-V 2024: Design

Honda made some styling modifications for the 2019 version and the Honda HR-V 2024 will return in the same form. There should be new color options at the disposal for the new model year and possibly a new appearance package. The current version is getting closer to the end of the life cycle and there won’t be significant changes until the redesign likely for the 2024 model year.

The HR-V is a handsome crossover derived from the Honda Fit hatchback. The model has attractive contours and body lines combined with Honda’s signature styling elements. Adding to the model’s appearance are also a sport-style front bumper and sharp creases on the side panels. The Sport and Touring versions add also more styling flourishes including unique 18-inch wheels.

Interior, Equipment:

The next Honda HR-V isn’t also expected to come with major interior upgrades. The model impresses with interior flexibility and provides also great forward and side visibility. The driving position is also good and there is enough room for adults in both rows. The model delivers also a class-leading cargo capacity with up 55.9 cubic feet at disposal with the rear seats folded.

While the interior design should stay unchanged the model should add new standard features and expand the availability of active safety systems. It’s not confirmed yet but every 2024 HR-V could be equipped with the suite of active safety systems. The current version offers lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking from the mid-grade versions but these systems should be accessible from the base trim for the new model year. The next HR-V should also get upgraded infotainment features.

Honda HR-V 2024: PREISE, technische Daten, Verbrauch und Fotos
Bild: Offenlegung / Honda

Honda HR-V 2024: Powertrain, MPG

Honda updated recently the fast-selling CR-V model and dropped the base naturally aspirated engine in flavor for the new 1.5-liter turbocharged unit. The refreshed Honda CR-V introduced also the hybrid version powered by the Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine and a duo of electric motors. Unfortunately, there are no signs from Honda that next Honda HR-V 2024 will follow the steps of the larger stablemate.

We would like to see a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine in the options list of the next Honda HR-V but we don’t have any proof yet that Honda is considering this engine for its smallest crossover. It would be a great upgrade for the model and provide more dynamic drive than the current unpowered 1.8-liter non-turbo engine. A mentioned turbo-4 engine makes 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque in the newest CR-V.

What is sure a current 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine will return combined again with the continuously variable transmission. There will the standard front-wheel drive and an optional all-wheel-drive system. The engine should make the same 141 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque. The engine isn’t capable of the fast acceleration but delivers good fuel economy. The front-wheel-drive versions will manage around 28 mpg city or 34 mph on the highways. With the power on all wheels, the HR-V should score 26 mpg city and 31 mpg highways.

Honda HR-V 2024: Freigeben, Price

The Honda HR-V 2024 should be the last version of the current generation HR-V and should appear at dealers late in 2024. The price range should again start around $20500.

Quelle: Honda

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